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Best Selling DVD Recorder with HD Tuner

MAGNAVOX MDR513H/F7 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black (Old Version)

HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner.Input/Output Connectors: Analog : 2x 2-Channel Audio (RCA), 1x Component Video, 1x Composite Video, 3x S-Video, 1x Analog RF.Digital: 1x HDMI, 1x Digital …

Consumer Reports
  • “The dvr is easy to operate and so far has worked very well.” – Gigi
  • “I would deff recommend this unit to a friend or anyone wanting to buy a DVD recorder or to replace a old VCR or just tired of Tivo.” – </><
  • “I called the Funai Service department, they will send me a label so that that I could return to them and they’ll fix it for 2 to 4 weeks.” – eddieburz

Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder (Black)

With the DR430, converting and archiving your favorite home movies to DVD is simple. You can also experience your DVD movie collection in near HD quality with the DR430’s 1080p up conversion via HDMI.

Product Ratings
  • “The recorder works extremly well, very easy to operate.” – neroni214
  • “I highly recommend this unit for anyone who records dvd.” – Ed Joines
  • “Also, if you return something to them for a full refund, you may not receive all of your money back.” – KO

Magnavox ZV427MG9 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, HDMI 1080p Up-Conversion, No Tuner

HDMI Output (rear), Remote control, Plays DVD Video, DVD_R/RW (VR format), DVD-R/RW (Video format), CD-R/RW, Audio CD, MP3) MAGNAVOX ZV427MG9 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo LINE-IN RECORDING (NO TUNER) 1080

Product Reviews
  • “Excellent product and very easy to use.” – Lana Likens
  • “I dubbed a vhs of my kids to a dvd without fault.” – Red Menace
  • “I feel I am stuck with something I was hoping I could do.” – Teresa Bauder

MAGNAVOX H2160MW9 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black

HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner

Consumer Reports
  • “Easy to set up and works very well.” – sandym
  • “I wish I’d knew that before buying it.” – E. Baranov
  • “Now I can record two and watch a third network show at the same time.” – Mike W

Panasonic DMR-E80H Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with Hard Drive , Silver

This DVD Player/RAM Recorder from Panasonic has a built-in 80GB hard drive allowing you to not only record DVDs but also store more than 100 hours on its built-in memory.

Buyers Guide
  • “I guess like many have said, the unit seems to work great up until a certain point.” – KG
  • “Like Tivo, I can record programs and watch them later, and erase them off of the hard drive.” – MT
  • “New repair parts are still weeks out.” – F. E. Smith

Magnavox MDR513H/F7 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner - REFURBISHED

This Magnavox MDR513H/37 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner has been Factory-Refurbished to perform as new. It is sold with a 90-Day Warranty. Get a great DVD recorder.

Product Research
  • “I was very impressed at how easy this was to set up.” – John K
  • “You can now record any cable program as well as any digital over the air program.” – T. Swanson
  • “Funai customer service has not been helpful at all.” – Ray Vavrek

Panasonic DMR-EH75VS DVD Recorder / VCR Combo with 80GB Hard Drive, HDMI, SD Card, and DV Input

Panasonic, DVD Recorder/ VCR Combo, 80Gig Hard Drive

DVD Recorder with HD Tuner Reviews
  • “Overall, Im very pleased with this as it has everything you’d need right there, and the HDD recording, playback and picture quality are great.” – wildcat74
  • “Fortunately the unit is so EASY TO USE that I don’t need the manual for what I am doing.” – Kuranda
  • “I love being able to record everything to the hard drive and then copy to DVD only those things I want to save.” – J. Clifton

Philips HDR212 TiVo 20 Hour Digital Video Recorder

Philips HDR212 TiVo Personal Video Recorder 20 GB Quantum QuickView

Expert Advice
  • “Now you can watch AND record TiVo shows at the same time.” – Wayne Chung
  • “It is probably one of the best electronic products I have ever purchased.” – “jswu”
  • “The problem is not addressed on either the Tivo or Philips website, and technical support is only open during regular business hours.” – B. Baker

Panasonic DMR-HS2 Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/PVR with 40 GB Hard Drive (Silver)

Talk about all in one–the Panasonic DMR-HS2 is not only a full-featured progressive-scan DVD player that handles DVDs, CDs, and JPEG-filled recordable discs; it’s also a DVD recorder that happens to store more than two days’ worth of audio/video programming on its built-in memory.

Product Ratings
  • “Then with the hard drive you can back all that stuff up onto the drive and edit your own videos, since this thing also has great editing features.” – Gil Gillella
  • “It is pricy, but it’s like TIVO without the ridiculous monthly fee.” – Andrew J. Marks
  • “I am so disappointed, do not buy this piece of pooh.” – M. Welch

Toshiba DR560 1080p Upconverting DVD Recorder with Built-in Tuner

DVD Recorder with 1080p Upconversion with Built-in Digital Tuner

Customer Reviews
  • “Very good picture and recording quality.” – John S.
  • “Setup was easy and the ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital/analog tuner produces a clean, crisp, 3D-like picture on my analog TV from over-the-air broadcasts.” – dH
  • “We’re guessing we just had a defective unit, but, decided not to get a replacement and will continue to shop and see what new models come out this year.” – A. Abrams

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